Un attimo di pace eros lyrics

Un attimo di pace eros lyrics
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The idea is not to rush the client to get it over with quickly, but on the contrary, he must be treated kindly, without being vulgar, or appearing to be in a hurry or just in it for the money. He needs to be treated as if he had been met in other circumstances and was taking you on a date. When you have listened to what he has to say you have already given him half the pleasure he is looking for. (Jammot & Rocheteix 1954: 142.)
107 As regards working conditions and the volume of clients our interviews confirm first of all that those prostitutes working in open sites are much freer to choose and negotiate the tariff. It was also apparent from the interviews that these women all make a living from this activity and are able to cover their daily living expenses, although most are unable to put any money into savings. They live this way from day to day, constantly dreaming of the day when they will be able to quit the profession. The part-time prostitutes who work in open sites seem to be less worried about how much money they make and the volume of clients. Vena (n° 47) refuses some clients and Idja (n° 46) says she is able to choose quality over quantity. Daisy (n° 52) works when she wants to, when she needs the money, unlike Wati (n° 51).
108 It is difficult to estimate the volume of clients. “Variable” and “unpredictable” are words used by Rita (n° 39) and Lenny (n° 45) while for Wati (n° 51) the number of clients is a matter of “luck” or for Tuti (n° 53) “providence”. In short, there are busy nights and slow nights (Ani, n° 43), good weeks and slow months (Lenny, n° 45), periods without any clients when not in good shape (Tuti, n° 53), times of bad luck (Ani, n° 43) or just breaks or times when money isn’t an issue (Daisy, n° 52).
109 Thus the number of clients depends on many different elements; the average number is also difficult to predict and varies from one to seven clients per evening. Some girls such as Rinin (n° 50) make do with just two clients per week and others would like to have more than seven per day but don’t usually achieve this figure (Suti, n° 49). In general, none of the prostitutes interviewed complained about their profession or about their clients. The only complaints they made concerned the fierce competition (Titih, n° 41; Dewi, n° 42; Tinah, n° 48), the fear of growing old (Titih, n° 41; Dewi, n° 42), the intention to quit the profession sooner or later (Rita, n° 39; Tuti, n° 40; Titih, n° 41), humiliating situations (Tinah, n° 48), having to keep in good shape (Idja, n° 46) or avoiding bad clients (Vena, n° 47).
110 It is not easy to carry out research on the clients of prostitutes, to get them to reveal their expectations and their habits without evading the issue since this involves getting to the very heart of a person’s intimate life when this is exactly what he wants to protect in remaining anonymous. Indeed the sex client wants to take advantage of a situation for which he does not feel responsible with complete impunity and no guilt. In addition, the very subject of prostitution continues to be taboo in today’s world.
20 Three studies carried out in France, the Netherlands and Sweden came to similar conclusions: 20% o (. )
111 While it may be said that it is no longer acceptable to admit to the use of prostitutes in western countries,20 our interviews show that in Asia any such concerns are easily abandoned and the excuses for using sex services are numerous.
112 Our modest sampling of the clients of Asian prostitutes in Asia confirms that the sex trade has multiple causes. This study also confirms that these clients are not a homogenous group as regards their ethnic and socio-demographic traits or their sexual behavior. The motivations behind the decision to seek sex for payment vary from client to client. Some use prostitution as a complement to their sexual activity while others use it to compensate for an unsatisfying sex life. In all cases the use of prostitutes is definitely a means of obtaining reassurance and of confirming one’s sense of power and domination. It should also be noted, a sign of the times, that men no longer have the exclusive prerogative of sex tourism and of paying for sex. The “Sea, sex and sun” also has its female adepts, lonely for love or romantic adventures, who pay for their pleasure through gifts, meals and other material aid. These women, still a very small minority, are starting to seek certain tourist spots where they can meet “beach” boys and other tanned gigolos. Examples are the Japanese and Australian women who go on holidays in Bali, the Israeli women who travel in groups to Bangkok and the Japanese who frequent Phuket.
113 While the debate on prostitution rages in Europe in an attempt to change these behavior patterns, it seems improbable that this hedonist mentality, this predatory and domineering instinct for consumerism, is likely to change overnight. The frustrations will hang on too. The huge economic disparities at every level, between countries in the North and South, between men and women, between the old and the young, all these differences lead one to believe that prostitution has a bright future ahead.

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