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2/ A certificate of authenticity for the seal used by the signer of the letter of consent.
3/ A certified true copy of her family registry.
4/ The contracts relating to her prostitution business and advance money.
5/ A document explaining the woman’s reasons for becoming a prostitute.
6/ A medical examination form signed by a designated physician.
* No prostitution work may be engaged in outside of the rental property.
* The prostitute may not work outside of the designated area without the written permission of the chief of police.
* Prostitutes must undergo regular or ad hoc medical examinations.
* After receiving permission to begin working as a prostitute, a woman must inform the chief of police before actually engaging in prostitution for the first time.
* When ceasing work as a prostitute, a woman must appear in person before the chief of police in order to present a notification form to which has been attached a letter of permission.
* Rental property managers may not make prostitutes apply makeup in an area visible from outside, or loiter or line up in front of the place of business.
It was obligatory to keep a ledger of brothel patrons. This ledger contained information about when each patron arrived and left (down to the hour), distinguishing facial features and articles of clothing, the prostitution names of the prostitutes he requested, the amount of money he spent on entertainment, and his address, occupation, name, and age.
Medical exams for venereal disease were also carried out with exacting rigor: 45 times per year for Korean prostitutes, and 54 times per year for Japanese prostitutes. As a result, the prevalence of venereal disease among Korean prostitutes was 6%, and 3.8% for Japanese prostitutes.
Confusion Over Terms.
There were 200,000 prostitutes in Korea working under this system of licensed prostitution, serving a total of 30 million clients on a monthly basis. This works out to 150 clients per prostitute each month— about five per day.
Lee pointed out:
Licensed prostitution is legal in parts of Europe even today. Licensed prostitutes have formed labor unions and are the recipients of social welfare. Japanese society functions such that the emperor stands at society’s pinnacle. Prostitutes, too, had their own labor unions [in Japan]. Their interests were thus acknowledged by the rest of society…. We must understand at least this much about the history surrounding the licensed prostitution system in order to understand the issue of comfort women working for the Japanese military.
The comfort women system was established by the Japanese military, according to Lee, for a variety of reasons, like: preventing the spread of venereal disease, preventing soldiers from committing the crime of rape against civilian women, and to preventing classified information leaks that could occur if soldiers patronized prostitutes working in the private sector.
“The military sent enlistment requests to the Department of the Army, the Governor-General of Korea, the military in Korea, the Governor-General of Taiwan, and the military in Taiwan. These four entities selected and authorized recruitment brokers. These brokers used contractors who employed the human trafficking methods already fully in place under the licensed prostitution system in order to recruit comfort women. These methods were to pay advance money to the parents [of the women recruited].”
Lee next introduced pre-existing research, which analyzes the testimonies of former comfort women who have come forward by name. This research finds that, among these comfort women, 82 were recruited through employment fraud, 62 through threats or violence, 4 were subjected to human trafficking, and 5 were kidnapped and/or abducted. However, “these four [categories] are the same thing.”
In other words, under the licensed prostitution system, the fact that parents took advance money in exchange for their daughters is employment fraud, while violence was used against daughters who resisted the brokers and later attempted to run away.
Lee openly and plainly rejected the notion that there was any abduction by the military or by government authorities. “It is not factual to say that women were set upon on the roadsides and thrown into trucks. It is not factual to say that women were abducted or that there were hunts for sex slaves.”
Comfort Women’s Changing Oral Accounts.
It was a Japanese person who caused the South Korean people to believe such things, Lee said:
These stories were made up by a Japanese man. Yoshida Seiji , a Japanese person, wrote a book which became a bestseller. This book came to Korea and, it was from this point, that South Koreans first began to believe that there had been these kinds of forced abductions [by the military]. The Jeju Sinmun newspaper reported that Yoshida’s tales were not factual.
Lee told his viewers that it took 30 years for the major Japanese newspapers to retract their reporting on Yoshida’s remarks.
He then turned the discussion to the testimonies of former comfort women. These testimonies change each time they are repeated, with each listener seemingly being told what he or she wants to hear. They change in order to conceal the grudge borne against the parents who sold their daughters.

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