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The problem with the prostitution in Italy is hard to be solved. In January 2002 the Prime Minister Silvio Berluskoni proposes the brothels to be reopened. In 1958 they were banned with a law. Berlusconi explains his idea with the fact that the state would have a bigger control over these activities if they are legalized. The idea though is received with demonstration on the streets.
For already ten years the white slaves are supported by “Pope Ioan 23” the Catholic organization, leaded by Don Oreste Benzi. So far he has saved 3000 girls from the trap of the prostitution, and has sheltered them to social homes and communes. In last January – 2001 at his meeting with Berlusconi, when he wants a bill who bends the street prostitution, he takes along with him two 14 years-old girls – a Bulgarian and an Ukrainian. Berlusconi gives as a present to each one of them 5 thousands marks. The priest states that the number of the girls forced to be prostitutes in Italy is approximately 60 thousands. A big part of them are under-aged.
In 2002 in Italy there are four cases of arrests of Bulgarian pimps. On December 10, 2002 two Bulgarians and a woman from our part of the country, used to be a prostitute before to become a pimp. They are …
Richo Sabatto, deputy chief of the police administration in Rimini:
Till 1998-1999 Rimini is the hottest point of the prostitution in Italy. Over 4000 hotels are full of holiday-makers in the height of the season. The Bulgarian prostitutes flood the resorts in Rimini with the irresistibility of overflowed artificial lake.
In Rimini had been full of criminal factors and elements from South-Eastern Europe. In Riminia and Bolognia the first actions against the prostitution are held. When “Clean Streets” operation starts the Russian and the Ukrainian mafia dominate the region. In addition to the prostitution in Italy they are dealing with money laundry and blackmail for money. After the actions the Russian and the Ukrainian mafia are pushed out to Neapol. The luxury prostitutes start to go for a stroll in Richone – one of the most expensive resorts in Italy.
Till 1999 Rimini is a mini model of the prostitution in Italy. For several month only in “Clean streets” operation 800 prostitutes form Nigeria, Bulgaria, Moldova, Russia and Albania are detained in the state of the boot. More than 650 pimps are put into the prison for just one night. 440 of them are from Nigeria. In Nigeria – voodoo magic and fires… “A terrific effect for the girls produced the fact that they’ve seen their pimps arrested… The most well organized net for exploitation of prostitutes in Italy is the Ukrainian one. This is because the level of corruption there has reached the highest levels of the power. This way the pimps in Italy are also the persons responsible for money laundering operation who transfer huge amounts of money. They are tolerated in their countries. Dozens of girls start to speak during the police actions. They become witnesses against their pimps. They are usually saved by different types of organizations.”, Gian Pierro says. “We used to hide the prostitutes in communes and in different houses. Other prostitutes used to come pretending they want to repent, but actually they spied for the pimps. They obviously wanted to know where we are hiding the girls and to try to take them back under their control. In this moment the police stepped in and we had no further problems. The prostitutes who spied were arrested.”, he adds.
“The majority of the girls we saved during the actions were put to a inhuman torture. Their pimps had beaten them with bats and metal pipes. The bodies of some of the girls were marked with scars form cigarettes. Some infections from pegs putted under their nails were still visible. Others were branded. We had seen stamps with the names of the owners, paid the price of the prostitute.”, a criminologist from the police administration in Rimini says.
”Two Albanians run away to us. The girls were devastated.”, Gian Pietyro from “Papa Giovanni 23” organization says. “As an example to the others, their pimps had fired their houses and they had killed their families.”, he adds. “The cops in Rimini still remember with horror the story of one Albanian prostitute, a victim of an incredible terror. In addition to all humiliations, she has went through, she was cruelly branded.”, Gian Pietyro from “Papa Giovanni 23” organization tells. “Six from her Albanian pimps, who had resold to one another were whittled down with a knife their names at the most sensitive places of her triangle. The scars were incurable.”
In spite of the actions the bars in Rimini are full of Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian and Albanian girls who are listed as attractive dancers. The truth is that when they are not at work they prostitute, but nobody can prove this. “Their contracts are in order.”, police sources from Rimini say. “Two months ago many bars in the resort were locked by the police. We though did not arrest anybody because no direct evidences for prostitution were found. Their papers show they are dancers and actresses, but at night time they are making sex for money in secret accommodations.”, the cops add.

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