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Legalization would cut down STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), criminal actions both for the women and for the “usual Johns,” as well as for the “NEW Johns” who would go to them because they fear going near the proverbial “girl next door.”
The dynamics of dating in today’s world makes dating dangerous. Men are fearing making commitments. More children are being born out of wedlock. Marriage is being avoided because it is cheaper in the long run to stay unmarried . . . the men being then responsible only for child support. Their real property and business interests stay in their own name.
Of course, none of the latter is in the children’s best interests, but the hysteria and all the pro-women legislation and societal attitudes have caused this terrible situation.
In the old days, the farmers would call the “buck-f**k truck” for procreating a species.
Nowadays, all the modern women seem to want to be near is a sperm bank.
Mothers and grandmothers of male children must unite and join the fight.
All must register to vote and to end the insanity, volunteer to gather signatures and then cast a vote for me.
Source: Barbara C. Johnson, Advocate of Court Reform and Attorney at Law
Brothel Wants Male Prostitutes to Boost Business.
Bobbi Davis is looking for male prostitutes to help expand the clientele at the Shady Lady Ranch, her small roadside brothel about 150 miles north of Las Vegas. “We’ve had requests for men in the past, and there’s nothing else like this out there,” she said.
Like Nevada’s gambling, hotel and convention industries, the prostitution business has hit hard times. Nevada Brothel Association lobbyist George Flint estimates that bordellos have seen a roughly 50 percent drop in revenue since the economy turned sour.
Prostitute: A working woman commonly despised by people who sell themselves for even less.
Learning how to marry a rich man is nothing more than nuclear-family-model sex work. – Hirano.
Hookers and gigilos give their clients something that their clients probably aren’t able to get from their partners.
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Trafficking and Prostitution Services.
TAPS is a survivor-run group that helps victims of sex trafficking to break free. You can reach us at We also help family members and other loves ones to “retrieve” someone they feel is either trapped into sex work. If you are a parent – you can get help at This is the author’s personal opinion and since written in the USA is protected under rights of free speech. (702) 488-1127.
Monday, February 15, 2016.
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Prostitution sting nets 30 arrests, including 17-year-old girl – KCTV5.
Prostitution sting nets 30 arrests, including 17-year-old girl.
A major prostitution sting netted 30 arrests in Johnson County, including a 17-year-old girl.
Authorities said it was a big and necessary operation.
“We've been doing an ongoing prostitution sting,” said Master Deputy Tom Erickson with the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.
For three days the Johnson County Sheriff's office tried to take down people looking to participate in the oldest profession around.
“In this particular operation we're not only going after the prostitutes, but also after the Johns,” Erickson said.
Undercover deputies posed as both solicitors and prostitutes during the operation. In the end, 30 men and women, including a 17-year-old, were arrested – 24 for solicitation and six for prostitution.
The arrests included 23-year-old Brittany Morris, who was formally charged with prostitution Friday afternoon.
Deputies said it was a lot of work and a very successful sting.
“The priority for prostitution is because of everything that comes with it and that's drugs and weapons. It's just not the prostitution piece itself, it's all the other crimes that come along with prostitution,” Erickson said.
While the sheriff's office is keeping the details of the operation under wraps, authorities said the stings are crucial not just for those committing the crimes, but for anyone who might be caught up in a life they never planned to be a part of.
“We're also hoping through operations like this we are able to help some of the prostitutes who may be forced into this or have a pimp behind the scene,” Erickson said.
Authorities said the stings will continue as long as prostitution in Johnson County continues to be a problem.
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Inside the world’s sex capital Pattaya, Thailand dubbed the ‘modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah’ where 27,000 prostitutes offer services to over a million tourists.
The sex industry Thailand faces an uncertain future with the government promising to clamp down on illegal brothels.
THE city of Pattaya in Thailand has an estimated 27,000 prostitutes and is known as the world’s neon-lit sex capital.
The Thailand resort located in the east of the country has been branded the modern day ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ – the biblical kingdom infested with vice and sin.

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