I pushed her fucked plane

I pushed her fucked plane
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She even mentioned how impossible it would be for her to come to my country, due to language, culture, climate and to be away from her family. She could instead have put more pressure on me to get her over here. She also said she could not promise me to stay single for 3-4 years until her college education was finished. Therefore I dropped this case a week ago, was quite frank that this will never happen.
You see, all of these discussions made her trustworthy, it was not the desperate outcry for money from a prostitute. Still don’t understand how she put so much efforts in me, maybe she sent me 50-60 full pages of mails since early May. Why bother so much? When she would get much more by banging one or two more local dudes?
How hard it is for me to accept that I was tricked out. How hard to accept that there are people out there with not one molecule of respect for other people’s feeling. I feel terrible today. I must be very careful now so that I will not start to hate the whole female race,
Lowrider, your gf is a whore. If she charges 100 dollars to write long love letters every week how much do you think she charges for ten minutes of anal? She has snorted coke of a guy’s cock at narco-orgies but do you think she smokes basuco with the neros from her neighborhood during their orgies? I bet she has done narco-orgy porn and smoked a bit of basuco off camera.
Big Ben, I offered her 100 dollars a month to learn English. Now she dropped that because she said she will move to her own room and leave her parent’s house.
I am not saying you are wrong, just that this girl couldn’t know when she started to write to me that I would give any money at all. Half the the time we had contact she did not get any money, but still wrote long mails.
Now I cancelled the money she needed for her college bill end of July, I was her only resource she said, it was the last time she would ask for money, she said.
In my opinion, but this business seem less and less logical, she should not reply now. I will not pay anything and she should therefore not continue writing me long love letters. Let’s see if that is the case.
I have seen many pictures of her, I doubt she is on drugs, those girls look different, at least if they used drugs for a longer period of time. But what do I know.
Que pendejo…Las putitas gustan muchissimo bobitos tanto como usted.
It actually depends on your perspective. I actually like the whores of Colombia. They can be some of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world. They are usually incredible fun to be with. Yes, they can be flaky, they might even steal from you (just be very careful). I actually know some that I trust explicitly.
I have already done the wife and kids thing so I am not looking for a “soul mate” any more. So, being with Colombian whores is my first choice. Maybe someday I will meet a nice girl, but for now I prefer my Colombian ho’s.
This is even funnier than the bloke in the Peru Expats group who married a girl he met on pizza st! You’re being played for a fool, Captain Save a Ho, it’s just that your naivety and unwillingness to admit you made a mistake is blinding you to the truth.
Here’s the thing, women in the sex industry don’t make the bulk of their money from one off clients, they make it from regulars, and they cultivate them by making a human connection with the client, leading him to believe that there’s something special there, that he’s different from all the other Johns, etc., etc. Done skillfully, it’s the kind of long con that can result in the girl making thousands of dollars, or if she’s really lucky, marriage and a ticket to the US or Europe.
Look at all the emails again, and read them with a critical eye. Are you sure they were written for you and you alone? They couldn’t be slightly modified here and there, so they’d work equally well on another poor sucker in your or another developed country? I hate to tell you this (not really) but the themes of being a nice girl down on her luck, working her way through school, having a sick family member, are tired old classics. A bit shopworn (like her ass), but effective when it comes to pulling punters in.
Judith, thanks. Great that you have fun reading. I need the other side of the picture. And I get it here from you guys. First I read the mail from my girl, next I go here and get a full dosis of disappointment. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster!
Absolutely, why should I belong to the 0,5% of mankind that saves a whore out of her situation? But keeping to facts: that she really is a whore is so far just speculations coming from this site. It is very likely that it is true, but it’s not verified.
Judith, I checked randomly some of the older mails. A few of them could be taken as duplicates sent to many recipients. But she has to scroll them and change my name all over the place, as she uses it in many phrases. Why that effort? The majority of the mails concerns our discussions to meet somewhere, discussions how likely it is that she will move to my country one day, discussions about my country’s cultural and political situation. Those cannot be duplicates. That is impossible.

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