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‘I sold my body in a Hong Kong bar’
The link between human trafficking and the escort business is not always clear. At high-end places like Club Bboss, for example, working women arrived on their own accord from places such as Japan, America, Britain, Latin America, the Philippines and mainland China. And, of course, there were local Hongkongers, too. Many of the women from overseas had entered Hong Kong on tourist visas before applying, voluntarily, for work at one of the 10 or so top clubs. Mary says all the women were hoping a man would sweep them off their feet like Richard Gere in the film Pretty Woman .
“The girls can make more money in clubs than brothels. Brothels are faster turnover, but they are more controlled. Nightclubs give more freedom and pay more,” she says.
At the lower-end establishments, however, it’s less clear how much choice the women had. Mary knew many clubs that recruited women from overseas, paying for their plane tickets and all expenses, but did not allow them to leave the premises after they arrived.
In some of the worst cases, women were clearly trafficked. One of Mary’s girls at Club Bboss, Isabelle, had been trafficked from Manila by a triad gang who had deceived her about the type of work she would be doing in Hong Kong. When she arrived, the gang forced her into prostitution in a private home. Isabelle was forced to sleep with up to 30 men a night, with the triads charging HK$50 per john. A man guarded her at all times to prevent her from escaping. Isabelle’s bodyguard later bought her from her owner after the pair formed a bond and they ended up getting married. Yet, even liberated, with limited options for income, Isabelle found herself back in a similar line of work as one of Mary’s hostesses, albeit with more freedom and pay.
And even for those women who had entered the field voluntarily, by the time they realised Richard Gere would not be coming to save them, it was too late. “Some girls wanted to find a better job. But unfortunately they hadn’t finished school or didn’t have skills,” Mary explains. “Freelancers can leave anytime they want… but don’t have other options and they end up trapped.”
The descent into pimping women happened slowly for Mary. At 16, she had dropped out of school and started working in a factory to support her parents and seven siblings. Her father died three years later leaving her mother, a laundry woman, devastated. Mary stepped up as the eldest daughter to support the family. Mary left the factory job to join a cultural dance troupe and the troupe took her to Hong Kong in 1972. During the troupe’s tour, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law back in the Philippines, prompting Mary and other dancers to search for more permanent work in the city.
That year, she met a Filipino man working in entertainment and married him a few years later. He cheated on her frequently. Pained, she focused on making money to send back to her family. “I longed for love. I didn’t have love, I became a slave to money,” she recalls.
The Indonesian child maids of Hong Kong, Singapore.
She applied for a receptionist role at a club in Tsim Sha Tsui not realising it was a hostess job. “I was innocent and so deceived. Many are deceived into working as prostitutes.” But she refused to sleep with the johns and was instead groomed as a mamasan.
Unacquainted with this underworld, she had no idea what mamasans did nor what big money they made. She learned on the go. “I was entertaining customers like a public relations person. I studied Japanese and became good. I would ask them what kind of girls they preferred. I soon learned Japanese businessmen like young girls.”
The money hardened her. Her starting salary was HK$20,000 a month plus commissions and she got HK$15,000 as a one-off payment for signing her contract. But she found out that other mamasans were being paid HK$30,000 a month and HK$20,000 for signing a contract, so she asked for a raise. The raises were never enough so she began climbing the ranks of the leading clubs before finally rising to the top – Club Bboss, where she was paid HK$500,000 annually and HK$80,000 for signing her contract.
She was not the only one lured by the promise of riches. “We charged HK$1,000 for sex in the 1980s,” she says. “Back then [many of the Hong Kong Chinese] girls were married. They, too, were lured by the money.”
Clients gave her girls jewellery, money to buy land, houses and apartments back in their home countries. At times, Mary was given blank cheques by the clients. She had several wealthy boyfriends on the side. Some of the girls became savvy at buying and selling real estate and left the club with small fortunes. They were regularly paid to attend parties with high-profile Hong Kong businessmen. “They were high-end call girls, dressed so elegantly,” says Mary.
Yet even then, at the zenith of her profession, surrounded by the rich and famous and able, seemingly, to pluck money from thin air, Mary knew that deep inside she and her girls were suffering and lost. Amid the stream of glamorous clients, Rolls-Royces and golden golf carts, the women battled drug addictions, alcoholism and ever-creeping levels of self-loathing and emptiness.

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