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6. Social Life Culture.
Society in the Sultanate of Tidore is a devout follower of Islam, and Tidore itself has become the center of the development of Islam in the eastern Indonesian archipelago area since time immemorial. Due to the strong influence of Islamic religion in their lives, then the scholars have an important status and role in society. The strong relationship between the Islamic community tersimbol Tidore in their customary phrase: ge Mauri Peoples Personality, Personality Mauri Qur’aan (Traditional jointed Personality, Personality jointed Qur’aan). This harmonious blend lasted until today.
With regard to the lines of kinship, the matrilineal system of Tidore. However, it seems there is a change to the patrilineal line with the strengthening influence of Islam on Tidore. The most important patrilineal clan they call soa. In the customary system of Tidore, the ideal marriage is a marriage between first cousins ​​ (kufu).
In an effort to maintain harmony with nature, society Tidore organizing various kinds of ceremonies. Among the ceremony is a ritual Legu Gam Indigenous Affairs, the ceremony Lufu Kie Toloku daera se (circled area chanting accompanied by survivors), the ceremony Ngam Fugo, Dola Gumi, John Hale, and so on.
To communicate in everyday life, people Tidore Tidore language belonging to the non-Austronesian family. With this language also, the Tidore then develop oral and written literature. Forms of Martial Arts is a popular oral dola bololo (sort of proverb or poem lightning), the argument drums (philosophical expression which accompanied the tool drum or drum), kabata (oral literature is performed by two teams in the even number, the argument in verse, couplets, thimbles, etc.). Some of Martial Arts is delivered orally and was shown to the accompaniment of drums instrument, a type of drum. Sasra writing is also quite well developed in Tidore, it can be seen from the Tidore sultanate heritage manuscripts that are still stored in the National Museun Jakarta. And perhaps, these manuscripts are still widely spread in the hands of individual communities.
To meet the daily needs, Tidore many people who grow crops in the fields. Plants that are widely grown are rice, maize, sweet potatoes and cassava. In addition, also widely planted cloves, nutmeg and coconut. This is the spice that makes the famous Tidore, foreign traders visited China, India and Arabia, and eventually became seizure of white colonial.
Ternate Island is a volcanic island covering 40 square kilometers, is located in North Maluku, Indonesia. Its people come from Halmahera who came to Ternate in a migration. At first, there are four villages in Ternate, each village is headed by a Head of Highways, in the language of Ternate called Momole. Gradually, four villages are then joined to form a kingdom they called Ternate. In addition to Ternate, there are also other kingdoms in the North Maluku region, namely: Tidore, Jailolo, Bacan, Obi and Loloda.
Historically, Ternate is an area famous for spice, therefore, many foreign traders from India, Arab, Chinese and Malays who came to trade. As a representative of the community, which is associated with the merchants is the head of the clan (momole).
How early establishment of the kingdom of Ternate story? The story, as the increasing trading activities, and the presence of external threats from the pirates or sea pirates, then later the desire to unite villages in Ternate, in order to position them more strongly. At the initiative of momole Guna, Tobona leader, then held meetings to form a stronger organization and to appoint a single leader as king. The result, momole Ciko, Sampalu leaders, elected and appointed as Kolano (king) first in the year AD 1257 with a degree Mashur Malamo Baab. Baab Mansur came to power until the year 1272 AD Kingdom of Ternate play an important role in the region, from the 13th century to 17 AD, especially in the trade sector. In the history of Indonesia, Sultanate of Ternate is one of the oldest Muslim kingdoms in the archipelago, also known as the Kingdom of Gapi. But, the name of Ternate is much more popular than Gapi.
b. The establishment of the Guild.
As mentioned above, in addition to Ternate, Moluccas there are also several other royal who also have an influence. Each kingdom compete to become the hegemonic power. During its development, Ternate apparently managed to become the hegemonic power in the region, thanks to the progress of trade and military power they have. Furthermore, Ternate started expanding its territory, giving rise to hatred other kingdoms. From hatred, finally goes to war. To stop the protracted conflict, then the King of Ternate to-7, namely Kolano Aiya Chile (1322-1331) invited kings Maluku others to make peace. After the meeting, they finally agreed to form a partnership known as Moti or Motir Persekutan Verbond. Other results of the meeting is, an agreement to form a uniform royal institution in the Moluccas. This meeting was followed by four kings strongest Moluccas, therefore, the alliance also called Communion Moloku Kie Raha (Four Mountain Moluccas).

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