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You clearly have no idea of prostitution as a profession or any of its economical influences. For one, prostitution is legal in Colombia and lots of other countries as well. This legitimizes prostitution to become a profession just like any other job. If you knew anything about prostitution, you would realize that this now brings a sort of regulation to the industry, like in Europe and some parts of Asia. Where the sex industry is regulated, and legalized the women are in more control of their work than ever before. It drastically reduces the need for a pimp, which is where a majority of the abuse comes from in the first place. Also human trafficking is less of a concern for places where it is legalized. Not to mention the standard of the industry to have ID's for the women which makes it more difficult for underage girls to be involved. Regular STD testing is also mandated in many legalized countries. Now, in countries like the USA, where prostitution is illegal, a majority of women who are forced into prostitution have ended up in this position due to debts or drug related problems. They get charged with solicitation, run through the crappy "justice" system and thrown right back out on the streets. Except now, they have a criminal record, and can't find legitimate work, which continues their catch 22 downward spiral into drug addicted prostitution, where they rely on petty drug dealers for protection. So tell me, what "John" do you know abuses the prostitute? Because most pimps will find out who abused their prostitute and would likely retaliate. The problem is the government who refuses to legalize prostitution, appeasing the Stone Age thinkers who think it's gross, and immoral. Yet leaving all the girls on the street, and not doing anything to fix the problem. In places like Colombia, it's just another job like being a waitress, or librarian, except it pays way better. they have normal lives and boyfriends. I wouldn't feel sorry for them, they are doing what we all do, providing services with the skills they have to people who request the service. Just like you at your job. Instead I feel sorry for people like you, who cannot think past what their parents have told them.
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