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114 A very interesting testimony of a French woman having lived seven years in Southeast Asia poses in a raw way the question of who are the men who pay for sex in Asia? Several crucial points emerge for the knowledge of the phenomenon of prostitution in Asia. The first is that this woman finds that all the markers, indicators, borders become fuzzy in Asia. So she writes:
So a whore, I do not know what it is since I was in Asia. For me, it was a girl (or a guy or a lady boy) who I know that sometimes it’s free, sometimes it’s not, sometimes it’s a service against a fridge, sometimes it’s also the honor to have a Farang’s cock (the famous “For you, it’s free”) that compensates the price, sometimes free holidays, sometimes they reach climax, sometimes . the Kathoey (transgender) would be so proud to be taken for a woman that it would be for him greater compensation than financial income.
115 And she quite rightly concludes that there is no more typical prostitute than typical consumer or client. She writes:
There are addicts to the whores who chain Red Bull on Red Bull to fuck as much as possible, there are broken hearts who console themselves by coaxing girls, there are married men who to have an easy blow, there are the bands of mates who make community raids, there is the solitary guy who cheats the boredom [. ] then what common point? (Soggiu Riveraine 2012.)
116 If research, both quantitative and qualitative, is not carried out extensively the clients of these prostitutes, whether locals or sex tourists, will remain one huge anonymous mass, very difficult to define, with its various motivations and behavior patterns, as different as the various forms of sex themselves. In this case the client will remain the “king”, free to move around, protected through his anonymity, free from self-scrutiny or guilt, not accountable for his acts, while the prostitutes will continue to be discriminated against, bearing all the stigmas and penalties that society imposes in the name of morality and public health.
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