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“The prostitute and society” gives insights into reactions by the wider public – such as petitions and letters of complaint – with a useful focus on local, mundane, day-to-day reactions and concerns instead of occasional wider moral panics. It becomes clear that anxieties associated with prostitution are significant in times of change and crisis – deviant female behaviour being perceived as having a destabilising impact on state and society; “the whore” becomes the scapegoat, allowing policymakers to reassert traditional roles.
The book’s final chapter, “The prostitute and the state”, draws the threads together: it shows that prostitute-management strategies and the controlling interference of the state in individual lives did not emerge as radically at the end of the Weimar Republic as we like to believe; what happened in reality was that the authoritarian measures reached their apogee in the Nazi era.
The case study of a Hamburg employee in the 1920s illustrates a worryingly smooth transition from being a well-educated social worker to becoming responsible first for sending prostitutes to institutional homes and then to concentration camps. For the theories of internment and treatment of prostitutes, the year 1933 appears less significant than a host of postwar policies and localised disparities.
Harris’ eye-opening and thought-provoking analysis of the history of prostitution in German society contributes substantially to our understanding of continuities across periods and to a more precise characterisation of the prostitutes’ working environment.
What is more, she challenges popular ideas associated with the topic and questions scholarly approaches that may perpetuate simplistic patterns of interpretation.
A study on a European scale, as Harris suggests at one point, would be an exciting follow-up and a book to look forward to.

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